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With a health plan from Kaiser Permanente, you'll get personalized care, top-notch doctors and specialists, and the convenience of having many services under one roof.1

From doctors sharing information to coordinate your care, to digital tools that make it easy to manage your health, everything works together to help you thrive.
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If you've currently lost coverage, or you’re switching plans, you’ll be getting more peace of mind for you and your family with a Kaiser Permanente plan. We’ve worked hard to make our rates more competitive than ever and we’ll work with you to choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Don't Forget! Apply by December 15 for coverage starting January 1st, 2022

Kaiser Permanente Medicare health plans are rated 5 out of 5 Stars for 2022.1

With Kaiser Permanente Medicare health plans you get:

  • A comprehensive plan that includes prescription drug coverage
  • An integrated care team of doctors, nurses, and specialists
  • Care the way you want—in person, by phone, email, or video chat2
  • Access to more than 7,000 providers, including nationally recognized physicians. Washington Permanente Medical Group is one of the highest-ranked medical groups in the state2
  • Appointments with a Kaiser Permanente doctor in person or from home by phone or video3
  • No cost virtual care options for when you’re on the go or at home, either online with Care Chat and e-visits or by phone with the 24/7 consulting nurse helpline3
  • $0 copay on preferred generics and additional cost savings options. See plans for details4
  • Non-emergency transportation to and from appointments in our plan service area5
  • Vision, dental, and hearing benefits6

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Choosing a health care partner is one of the most important business decisions you can make. Kaiser Permanente can help you manage costs, invest in the health of your employees, and build a healthier future for your employees and your business.

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